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Along the Way

Beale Street, Memphis

“Beale Street,”  Memphis
Watercolor      19x13 1/2 inches

Handy Park, Memphis

“Handy Park,”  Memphis
Acrylic      18x24 inches

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

“Oude Kerk,”  Amsterdam
Acrylic      23.5 cm x 29.5 centimeters

Sloterdijker Brug, Amsterdam

“Sloterdijker Brug,”  Amsterdam
28.5 cm x 38.7 centimeters

Street scene, Memphis

“Street Scene,”  Memphis
Watercolor      13 3/4x19 inches

Riverside Drive, Memphis

“Riverside Drive,”  Memphis
Acrylic      16x20 inches

Magere Brug, Amsterdam

“Magere Brug,”  Amsterdam
Acrylic      28.5 cm x 38.7 centimeters

Torensluis Brug, Amsterdam

“Torensluis Brug,”  Amsterdam
28.5 x 38.7 centimeters

Wester Kerk, Amsterdam

“Wester Kerk,”  Amsterdam
23.5 x 29.5 centimeters

Boone, North Carolina

“Boone,” North Carolina
Acrylic      18 x 24 inches

Shrimp Boat, Bayou La Loutre, Louisiana

“Shrimp Boat,”  Bayou La Loutre, Louisiana
Watercolor      21 x 28 inches

Mast General Store, Valle Cruces, North Carolina

“Mast General Store,” Valle Cruces, North Carolina      Watercolor      13 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches

Mollie Fontaine House, Memphis

“Mollie Fontaine House,”  Memphis       Ink and Watercolor     9 x 13 inches

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