New Orleans Paintings

“Children Feeding Alligators in City Park”   

Acrylic     24" x 30"

“Ascension of Big Freedia”    Acrylic     24x18"

“The Persistence of Justice”  (or “Marie Laveau                         Making Groceries at Rouses”   

Acrylic     30x24"

“Marie Laveau Casting Spells”      Acrylic      12x16"

“Rougarou, the Cajun Werewolf”      Acrylic      12x16"

“Ruthie the Duck Girl”      Acrylic      12x16"

“Mr. Bingle—Miracle on Canal Street”      Acrylic      24x36"

“Ms. Mae’s Bar”    Acrylic     18x24"

“Sno-Ball Syrups”     Acrylic     24x18"

“Hansen’s Sno-ball Stand”       Acrylic      16x20"

“Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge”                         Acrylic      16x20"

“Soul Rebels, Tipitina’s”      Acrylic      18x24"

“Plum Street Sno-ball Stand”      Acrylic      16x20"

“Parasol’s Bar”      Acrylic      16x20"

“Big Freedia, Tipitina’s”      Acrylic      18x24"

“Oak Street”      Acrylic     16x20"

“Maple Leaf Bar”      Acrylic      20x30"

“Panola Street Cafe”  Acrylic   16x20 "

“Tipitina’s”  Acrylic    16x20 "

“Enthusiast House”      Acrylic      16x20"

“Ironing Board Sam  over Jackson Square”     24x30"